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Become a Brain Sync Affiliate

Become a Brain Sync Affiliate and start earning money today.  If you are a web site owner, you can start earning 20% on all purchases that come from users who accessed our site from yours.  Once you start generating only $300.00 in sales in 3 months, your commission jumps up to 35%.  Sign up Today!  It's FREE!

How the Affiliate Program Works

Once you have registered as an affiliate, you will have access to the affiliates area, where you can view the number of clicks, purchases and total commissions you have received. You can also generate links and add product images to your site.

You drive internet traffic to us through specially generated links which allow us to track sales. To do this, we create a cookie for each user that enters our site through yours.  These cookies will continue tracking that persons purchases on our site for 3 months after they are directed from your site. 

For example, you tell your friend about our site and they click on your unique affiliate link. When they buy from us, our affiliate program tracks this and knows that you referred her to us. You'll then get paid a commission.

If the user purchases anything from our site, as much as 35% of that purchase will be sent to you.  This includes download sales.  

 Commissions are paid on all completed orders.  Payments are sent quarterly via Paypal. 

For more information or to sign upClick Here!