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Alpha Waves | Increase Creativity | Reduce Stress

"I've been struggling with chronic migraines for 2 years. My neurologist suggested biofeedback training. The first part of my training required that I learn how to relax deeply. With the help of your Guided Relaxation tape, I was able to learn to relax completely. I actually learned how to let the pain melt away for a little while. Now I'm getting back to a more active lifestyle and still use Brain Sync tapes and CDs as part of my daily treatment."


The Alpha state is an intensely pleasurable and relaxed state of consciousness essential to stress reduction and high levels of creativity. Artists, musicians and athletes are prolific alpha producers; so are intuitive persons,  and so was Albert Einstein. Alpha researcher, Joe Kamiya says, "Its pleasure may come from the fact that alpha represents something like letting go of anxieties." With Brainwave Therapy binaural beat frequencies you can begin experiencing the benefits of alpha biofeedback training right now.


Total RelaxationReduce Stress

Total Relaxation was developed to help you enter the alpha state the very first time you listen. Completely free of spoken words or messages,Total Relaxation obliterates stress and restores well being. Concerns vanish. And fresh new flows of positive energy float effortlessly into your mind. You experience a liberating sense of peace and well-being. Alpha waves reduce Cortisol levels, strengthen your immune system and counteract the negative effects of stress.




Sacred GroundExpand Awareness

Sacred Ground is a four week program designed to help you experience the deeply pleasurable alpha state and gradually build toward theta meditation. Week by week you'll notice the ease with which you can let go of stress and explore the mysteries of your own mind.



Stress Free ForeverImprove Your Mood

Stress Free Forever combines alpha waves, music and positive subliminal messages to give you a mood boost and higher optimism. Fears vanish and you feel a sense of buoyancy. Alpha waves also increase the production of Melatonin to greatly improve the quality of your sleep.



Clear Wave CreativityIncrease Creativity

In Alpha, you can access the wealth of creativity that lies just below your conscious awareness - it is the gateway that leads into deeper states of consciousness. Clear Wave Creativity unlocks your imagination, bringing creative inspiration from deep within the currents of your own mind. Awareness expands and fresh creative energy begins to flow.





Guided RelaxationThe Schuman Resonance

Alpha is also the home of the window frequency known as the Schuman Resonance 7.83 Hz, the resonant frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field. Guided Relaxation is designed to increase your visualization abilities, while also instilling a powerful sense of happiness and well being. As you attune to the frequency of the earth you feel at one with yourself and the universe.


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