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Super Learning

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Super Learning

  • Improve memory
  • Increase concentration
  • Learn quicker and retain more

When you need to study, cram, or sharpen your concentration for peak mental performance, Super Learning is the sound solution. Precision-engineered frequencies are harmonically layered in soothing music. They guide your brain activity into a hyper-receptive state, where trigger phrases and key words are received by the subconscious. As both hemispheres of the brain move into perfect balance, frustrating mental blocks dissolve. You enter a flow state of relaxed awareness where new information is easily absorbed and stored in long-term memory.

This Brain Wave Subliminal activates the unlimited power of your learning abilities. Theta frequencies induce states of hyper-receptivity to subliminal messages. Here, a new set of self-empowering beliefs are firmly imprinted in the unconscious. You'll notice a remarkable change in attitude that dramatically improves your ability to learn, recall, and access new ideas.

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  1. I FEEL AMAZING! Review by MightyMo

    I have been learning how to trade online for almost two years. I keep changing strategies and things sometimes goes blur and drop me to level zero. I thought I must missed something!

    I turn on Brain Power, Super Learning, and Create Success mp3 from BrainSync as my background music everyday. To my surprise, in less than two weeks everything becomes very clear in my mind. I suddenly understand market behavior. and I found a way to always hit take profit BIG. And trading become very interesting because I keep winning big. :-))

    I am gonna be SUPER RICH!! And I will not forget to share! :-)

    (Posted on 1/8/16)

  2. Super Learning Review by Appaiah

    I use several of your recordings. I am currently preparing for CFP certification. I listen to both tracks of Super Learning with headohones on while studing. I notice my absorption, retention, and recall has improved manyfold. Thank you for your service. (Posted on 1/31/15)

  3. Very pleasant Review by Andre

    I usually don't like any music when I'm studying, but Super Learning Ambiance is very pleasant to listen to while I'm studying. Great track. (Posted on 1/14/13)

  4. really works! Review by stacyl

    This is my first review for one of Kelly's products even though I own about 10 of them. I was first exposed to her "Attract Love" CD by a hypnotherapist I was seeing. Anyway, about this CD, it works and fast!! I added this to a playlist to listen to through my iPod at work. It contained this product, "Stop Procrastinating" and "Positive Thinking". I got a work assignment today and not only was I able to finish it the same day within a few hours but it came easy to me if that makes sense and when my boss read what I'd done his exact words were "Awesome", seriously. He then asked more question to which I was able to elaborate on with ease. I'm not in school, I'm a professional in a technical field where there is a lot of information and deep analysis skills are a must. I bought this product because I felt like I couldn't concentrate and get things completed. I'm so encouraged that after just a few days this product seems to be helping me immensely at work! I will be listening every day for sure! (Posted on 5/7/12)

  5. Recovered from long problems in memory Review by Pluto Nash

    This product is amazing. I am a student and memory was my biggest obstacle. It was always difficult for me to remember things on regular basis. My recall was weak.

    Thanks to this product I am improving tremendously.

    Thank You. (Posted on 12/5/11)

  6. Coincidence? I don't know! Review by Mariah

    I have short attention span, poor memory and constantly need caffeine to boost my energy.

    Few days ago, I bought Kelly's Super Learning together with Brain Power and Deep Learning to aid my studies.. And since then I've been listening to these tracks most of the time, I'm not sure if these 3 products has given the cumulative effect towards my memory though. I'm writing this review mainly because I've been listening Super Learning most frequently since the day I purchased and downloaded the mp3. And guess what, I noticed some changes that happened to me for the first time, that I don't need to take out my credit card to make an online purchase! This is awesome.
    (Posted on 12/9/10)

  7. none Review by kid

    simply amazing
    (Posted on 12/7/10)

  8. Works easily and effectively Review by Michael Kowis

    i bought this yesterday and have been listening to both tracks religiously upwards of 2 hours and beyond today i had an English class i had to focus on heavily what i can say for certain is this. i was the most focused in my most boring of classes this semester i impressed the entire class and got a standing ovation for reading my assignment clearly and enthusiastically not to mention humorously. after class many of the students approached me thanking me for time well spent i can say wholy that while i am only on day 2 of my 6 week program the results listed and explained here speak for themselves i look forward to more results similar to this. anyone who is in college or some form of higher education should give this a shot. My name is Michael Kowis and Super Learning worked for me best of luck to all consumers of this magnificent product (Posted on 10/4/10)

  9. Thanks so much! Review by Carissa

    Dear Kelly,
    I almost forgot to thank you! I listened to this CD nonstop for months during studying session for graduate school. I was having trouble focusing and retaining information. I don't even have to listen anymore. I get consistently great scores on tests and absolutely love learning. Thanks so much! (Posted on 6/20/10)

  10. Great for learning and relaxation Review by Christopher

    I used this for a tough IT certification and I had to remember tons of information on a short time. After listening to the MP3 my memory and recall of information is much better. I also felt more relaxed and didn't have to go over the same material several times. Highly recommend this both for study and relaxation! (Posted on 6/16/10)

  11. LIke it Review by Ashish

    I have many of your products for example Brain Power, Brain Massage , Super Learning, Secret but rarely I used them. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to try Super Learning. I switched off all the lights , turn the music on , switch off the monitor then, and listened to it straight for half an hour. It was wonderful . In the consecutive days, i listened to it more and violla, it changed my world. Earlier, I used to have 10-12 hrs straight and I hardly use them for my study. Now, after 3 hearings, i have started noticing , how easily I gasp the information and make the relevant also connections and with that, my concentration has also too increased. Top of that, now, I am looking for to schedule a study plan and to work on it. I have also noticed that I kept looking for something to read and learn all the time.

    Given 4 stars as I still have to test it further to my utter satisfaction. (Posted on 5/27/10)

  12. Super Learning Review by Ð Charles

    Wow! I cannot believe it! This is seriously amazing and it truly works.
    Before I was listing to Super Learning, it took me more time to remember a full A4 paper with text.
    But after listening Super Learning 7 - 8 times, I could almost remember everything on a short time of memorizing. (Posted on 5/5/10)

  13. Super Learning Review by ROLLET

    I bought your Super learning Mp3. I like the sounds, I felt so relaxed that I could fall to sleep. While listening, I have been expecting that I will remember more of what I read, anything. I have been expecting that all neurons in chaos will be connected and I could unconsciously retrieved any information I want. I have been trying also to photoread a book. I hope I could photoread just as much as Paul Scheele. Of all these expectations, it seems that it is still against what I want. Sometimes I still forget where I place my cellphone. I listen to it at night until I fall asleep but not consistent. A three times a week. Would you help maximize my potential? (Posted on 6/2/09)

  14. Super Learning Review by sam

    This product is great!! Before using this I would stress out before exams and need days upon days to study for them, now I find myself studing maybe for 2 days before any exams and I effortlessly get within the 95% range. I dual major in finance and economics so I have tests almost every week, Thank you so much!!! (Posted on 6/2/09)

  15. Super Learning Review by Eric Yen

    I had a major exam/certification test. I use alot of your products that are on Brainsync. The "Super Learning" on mp3 help me push through and get certified. (Posted on 6/2/09)

  16. Super Learning Review by C.S.

    sing Super Learning I find I can concentrate for extended periods of time. I also seem to understand the information much better and have better retention. (Posted on 6/2/09)

  17. Super Learning Review by H.M.

    I recently returned to school, having been out for 4 years, to study science which is totally different from my previous studies in art. I started listening to Super Learning two weeks before classes started. My test scores were either perfect or within the 95% range with much less studying than I ever did in the past. It wasn't just the increased desire to learn...but the increased memory and concentration. (Posted on 6/2/09)

  18. Super Learning Review by Michele Sewell

    I love your programs! I use one everyday. I am more focused and my intuition is better (my stock picks are more profitable) and I have more energy. Thank You. (Posted on 6/2/09)

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This recording contains the following subliminal messages:

  • Learning is easy, I am very smart
  • I remember effortlessly
  • My mental potential is unlimited
  • I can integrate massive amounts of information
  • I am brilliant, I enjoy learning
  • I am learning all the time
  • I absorb information effortlessly
  • I am confident of my abilities
  • I feel intelligent, I am intelligent
  • My mind works perfectly
  • I get all the help I need
  • I concentrate easily, I stay focused
  • I have an excellent memory
  • I am clear and lucid
  • My mind is organized
  • I am expanding my horizons with new knowledge
  • I am relaxed, alert, and aware
  • I am focused, centered, and clear
  • I activate my mental potential
  • My life is enriched with knowledge

This Brain Wave Subliminal has two tracks; both contain the exact same subliminal messages. You can listen two ways.

Listen to both tracks anywhere or anytime over your stereo system. While you won’t consciously “hear” the subliminal messages, they will be received and absorbed by your subconscious.

For deeper subconscious programming, and to receive the full benefits of Brain Wave Therapy, listen to track 2 (the one without the piano overlay) with headphones at a time and place when you will not be disturbed. Allow yourself to simply drift and relax. You might even fall asleep and take a refreshing nap. Whether you fall asleep while listening or not, theta brain wave frequencies will induce heightened receptivity to the messages. Theta brain waves have been identified as essential to learning and storing information in long-term memory. Theta is the ideal state for subconscious reprogramming.

Theta Brainwaves Bar

Going deeper into a trance-like state of meditation, you enter the mysterious Theta state where brain activity slows almost to the point of sleep, but not quite. Theta is one of the more elusive and extraordinary realms you can explore. It is also known as the twilight state which you normally only experience fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep.

Dreamlike Imagery, Inspiration & Insight

In Theta, you are in a waking dream, receptivity is heightened and you are able to access knowledge and information that normally lies beyond your conscious awareness. As flashes of vivid imagery dance before your mind's eye, you may feel a "floating" sensation as your mind expands beyond the boundaries of your body. In this deeply relaxed state don't be surprised to receive sudden insights, inspiration or a sense of knowing.


Theta rests directly on the threshold of your subconscious. Advanced meditators are able to enter the Theta state and maintain it without falling to sleep. Theta meditation lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, increases creativity and awakens extrasensory perception.

Theta also plays an important part in behavior modification programs and has been used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Because theta brainwave activity induces an "endorphin high" it can reduce the desire for mind altering substances. Also, because theta is associated with heightened receptivity, it is the ideal state to reprogram your mind with positive thoughts that assist in changing habits and behaviors.

Super Learning, Long-Term Memory and Self-Hypnosis

Theta is an ideal state for super learning, storing information in long term memory, re-programming your mind, dream recall, and self-hypnosis. The theta frequency is recognized as the gateway to learning and memory. What is learned in theta get's stored in long term memory. Children under the age of 5 learn more in their first few years of life, because they are primarily in the theta state.

Track 1:Meditation Music and Subliminal Messages (Listen anytime!)
Track 2: Meditation Music, Theta Waves, Subliminal Messages (Use Headphones.)
Running Time: 60 minutes

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Super Learning - CD
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Super Learning

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