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Gamma Waves Improve Cognition & Focus

"I am a writer and student. Just about everything in my life depends on quick thinking and creativity. Before I bought Brain Power I had many thoughts and ideas cluttering my mind. After I using the CD I have experienced more creativity, my mind is more focused, and my concentration has increased. It works."


Gamma waves are the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and signify the highest state of focus possible. They are associated with peak concentration and the brain’s optimal frequency for cognitive functioning. Nobel prize winning scientist, Sir Francis Crick believes that the 40Hz frequency may be the key to the act of cognition. 40 Hz is the window frequency used in all Brain Sync Gamma and Beta wave programs.


High FocusFocus Your Mind

Like a pro baseball player counting the stitches on an incoming fastball; in the Gamma state, your brain is running at full capacity. High Focus was developed to help you concentrate and accomplish any task at hand. It can be used while you work or study.




Brain PowerThink with Greater Clarity and Increase Cognition

The gamma wave is a pattern of brain waves, associated with perception and consciousness. Gamma waves work like the glue of the mind, holding and connecting all your senses and thought processes together in a unified whole. Brain Power combines all brainwaves to balance your mind and increase coherence.




Brain Massage
Natural Antidepressant

Higher Gamma activity also works as a natural anti-depressant, boosting your mood, empathy, and compassion. Brain Massage combines Gamma waves with Deltawaves to relax and rejuvinate your mind. Many people report it relieves migraines.


Pure FocusRelieve ADD and ADHD

Individuals diagnosed with add/adhd have too much theta activity and not enough high beta, or gamma activity. A common biofeedback treatment for ADD is to suppress theta activity by increasing beta/gamma activity. High Focus and Pure Focus have been used successfully to treat ADD. They both are excellent programs to use while you work and need to concentrate.



Breakthrough TrainingImprove Athletic Performance

Boosting Gamma activity will increase energy and alertness making it ideal for any kind of high intensity workout. Researchers believe that gamma waves greatly improve hand-eye coordination, so you can use any Gamma wave programs to improve golf, tennis, basketball games or any other activities that rely on hand-eye coordination. Listen to Breakthrough Training in the Zone while you work out. It will amp up your motivation as it gives a powerful surge of energy and inspiration. Other Gamma wave workout programs include: Power Training in the Zone, Running Meditation and Walking Meditation.




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