Medical Provider Resources

Thank you for your help in providing camp experiences to kids with serious illnesses and their families!

We hope this page provides you with all you need to support a family through the application process, and any recruitment needs you may have of both campers and volunteers.

This page will be updated with the most accurate information, so please check here regularly for any new versions of forms.

(Last update was on 11/13/2019 to reflect the 2020 application – more items coming soon).

All application forms must either be uploaded to a potential camper’s application, or faxed to 888.524.2477.

Camper Recruitment Resources

Application Forms

Forms Required for Every Camper: 

Session-Specific Forms: 
To be completed based on the session
the camper is attending/his or her diagnosis. 

Other Forms, As Needed:

General Camper Recruitment Documents

Session-Specific Camper Recruitment Documents

Application Support







Volunteer Recruitment Resources


If you have any questions, or would like additional volunteer recruitment materials please contact the Volunteer Team at

If you have any questions, or need something you don’t see listed below – please contact the Camper Recruitment Team at